Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Promo Duration :   March 5 to April 30 2011
Who can join:        Anybody who has a mobile phone, subscriber of SMART, TALK N' TEXT, GLOBE,     TM OR SUN CELLULAR, whether postpaid or prepaid.
1. Buy BIGEN products worth at least P200.00. Participating products are the following: any size or variant    as long as its worth P200.00                    
                                                               Men's Speedy
                                                               Speedy Conditioning Color
                                                               Speedy Color
                                                               Silk Touch
                                                               Powder Hair Dye
2. Send an entry, text BIGEN <store name/amount/OR #/product name> to 2600. Example
    BIGEN SM Makati/100/200/12345/Silk Touch. Cost is 2.50 per text.
    Sample text reply from Bigen:
                                    Thank you for sending your Bigen entry.....Please keep box and 
                                     receipt to  claim prize in case you win. You may win 1 of
                                    36 iPADS in the daily draws.
                                    Register for free to validate your entries, text BIGEN REG  
                                    <Name/Address /Age/Gender> to 2600
3. Participants earn 1 raffle entry for every P200.00 single-receipt purchase sent to 2600.
4. An official receipt number can only be sent once to earn a raffle entry.
5. Date of official receipt/s should be from March 5 to April 30, 2011.
PRIZES:     A total of 36 Apple iPAD 16 GB will be given away. One iPAD will be given away everyday Monday to Saturday starting March 14 to April 16, and April 25-30, 2011.
Note: Winners can only win once in the daily draw. Non-winning entries of the day will be carried over to the next draw. 

For more info, see print ads or call hotline (02)889.5947

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