Sunday, 4 September 2011

BER Months

Allow me to deviate from my normal post, it's September once more and soon enough it would be Christmas. I'm gearing up for the contests and promotions during the Christmas season. As early as October, some malls will begin their Christmas promotions. Normally for an X amount spent in the mall you will have to fill a raffle coupon. Prizes will range from gadgets, cash, cars and condominium units. Last year, the grand prize for SM MOA Christmas promo was a condo unit (I wonder who won that, lucky person!). At the Metro Gaisano mall, the grand prize is a car.
I've been joining contests on and off, but I can say that I've been consistently joining for about a year now. I've won a few and lost in some. The cheapest prize I've received was the 15 peso load (from Mountain Dew and Eight o' clock orange juice promos), 300 load from the Globe promo, free digital photos (from Johnson and Johnson), DVD from Sony Philippines, MP3 from Reader's Digest, 10k from a diaper company and the Grand Prize trip to Boracay for 4 from Hersheys. It's always exciting to win and I'm looking forward to winning more. Along the way, I've set up some rules for myself to follow - allow me to share it with you.

-  Joining text promos and contests is not cheap. A text entry would normally cost 2.50 pesos (depending on   your network). Try to set a limit on the text that you would normally send. For myself, my minimum is 3 entries maximum of 10. Convert that to pesos, that would be 7.50 pesos -25.00 pesos.
- I join contests because I use the product, the promotion is just a bonus. For example, cigarette companies have text promotions, the prizes normally include a car. I don't join their promos primarily because I'm not a cigarette smoker. To buy a pack of cigarette just so I could join the promotion would mean I have to go to a rehab to curb my "text to win" addiction, hehehe.
- Stay within the budget. As I say, joining is not cheap, so I set myself a limit P300 - P600 a month.
- The probability of winning is more if you join more often.
- Also, this I really believe, if its meant for you, its meant for you. I only sent 3 entries for the Hersheys promo and I won. I also heard from the elderly lady who won in the "Win mo Kapuso" that she only sent 1 entry.
So, if the prize is yours, its yours.

So, let's continue joining! I will win millions next time. : )

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